The main mission of this cultural hub is to share with the public the diverse artistic talents based in Yucatan. Árbol de Luz holds at its heart a site-specific work of art by the renowned light artist James Turrell and has inaugurated its past seasons with such interesting events as concerts by Phillip Glass and a Laurie Anderson. Both shows were intervened by Turrell with the creation of a special symphony of lights that was tailor made for each performer, and designed to be reflected by the cenote and the amphitheatre that houses his work of art. This coming season´s program is set to include music, dance, theatre and possibly opera.

To participate in our monthly visit to Turrell’s site-specific work, Árbol de Luz,
please call Transformación Arte y Educación, A.C. at: (55) 55163082 or (999) 924 7465.